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Solaine was only 3 years old when she developed a rare type of acute inflammation of the brain. Within days, she had lost the ability to move or speak and quickly reverted to the physical abilities of a 1-month-old child.

Times were bleak for Solaine and her family until a glimmer of her strong willpower began to emerge. Armed with a great sense of humor, an incredible staff and the pediatric restorative care facility—paid for, in part, by CMN Hospitals—at Tucson Medical Center, she continued her therapy until she regained most of her cognitive and motor skills.

Nowadays, Solaine keeps busy by playing tennis on her school team, riding her horse in preparation for hunter/jumper competitions and volunteering with the hospital's pediatric therapy program. While she is permanently classified with a traumatic brain injury, nothing can hold her back.

Funds In Action

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals funds were used to maintain the pediatric restorative care facility at Tucson Medical Center. From the education her family benefited from to the equipment that helped her regain muscle strength, coordination and balance, it all helped Solaine become the happy child she is today.


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