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Sledding accident resulting in eye and brain traum

Just one week before Christmas, Ashlyn did what any 5-year-old would do with a snowy day and a hill: go sledding. Unfortunately, Ashlyn's sled veered off-course and she collided with a fallen tree.

A branch-about 6 inches long and the diameter of a dime-punctured her eyelid and lodged in her eye socket. Ashlyn was rushed to her local hospital where a CT scan showed the branch had punctured her brain. With her life now in danger, she was transported by medical helicopter to Janet Weis Children's Hospital at Geisinger for more specialized treatment.

A series of operations on both her brain and her eye began as soon as she arrived. She spent the next 12 hours on a respirator, but soon amazed everyone with her rapid progression and high spirits, despite being temporarily blinded because of the swelling.

Recovery continued to go well and she returned home five days after surgery-just in time to open her presents on Christmas morning.

Funds In Action

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals funds provide funds for medical equipment to help doctors treat children such as Ashlyn—including monitors, ventilators and medication pumps—as well as for items such as recliners in the patients’ rooms.


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