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Morgan's parents thought she had the stomach flu when they took her to the doctor. They were shocked to learn her organs were shutting down to protect her heart. She was diagnosed with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (a failing heart) and her condition degraded quickly with no warning.

After being admitted to MUSC Children's Hospital and initial treatments proved futile, she was put on a heart/lung bypass machine (ECMO). Within hours, doctors determined a heart transplant was her only chance for survival. Until a heart became available (typically a very long wait), Morgan was temporarily put on a Berlin Heart. Unlike ECMO, the Berlin Heart let Morgan breathe on her own, eat and walk.

Soon Morgan was cruising around the hospital charming everyone she encountered. After nearly six months of waiting, "Princess Morgan's" heart finally arrived. By then she'd charmed the entire community and everyone celebrated this little girl's new opportunity at life.

Funds In Action

Funds were originally used to help create the department of pediatric cardiology. They also helped purchase the life-saving ECMO machine. The first ECMO machine at MUSC was specifically purchased with CMN Hospitals monies and the newest of the hospital’s three machines was partially funded through CMN Hospitals.


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