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Free-spirited, adventurous Jason was born a full-term, healthy baby. But just one day after birth, a newborn screening revealed he had phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare metabolic disorder that inhibits the body's ability to process essential proteins.

If not treated from birth, PKU can cause irreversible brain damage, resulting in developmental disabilities. Fortunately, Jason's treatment began immediately, including strict adherence to a special dietary medical formula.

With the exception of a carefully monitored diet and medication to manage his condition, Jason is expected to live a full, normal life. He can usually be found with a soccer ball between his feet and plays for a traveling youth soccer team. He earns excellent grades and is even the cribbage champion at his elementary school. Not yet a tween, "quiet but endearingly sassy" Jason already has career aspirations to become an illustrator, writer or professional soccer player.

Funds In Action

CMN Hospitals funded Shodair's Medical Genetics Program that houses the Newborn Screening Follow-Up Program and Metabolic Disorders Clinic, where Jason was treated.


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