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Our Sweet Adrian Turns One!

Forever Thankful to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

This year, for Adrian’s birthday, we are asking for donations to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. I will forever be grateful for the level of care and compassion we received from the doctors, nurses, and staff in the PICU. Not only did Adrian receive incredible care, but the resources available for the children and their families are crucial. The Ronald McDonald room allowed me to stay at the hospital with him 24/7 by giving me a place to shower and care for myself. The Child Life Specialists brought us a play mat, swing, and some toys to make our room more like home. The library in the atrium provided us with beautiful books that I would read to him to pass the time, and we still read those books today. These resources are life-changing for families who have to endure extended hospital stays. It really helps to make an awful experience into a more bearable one. I will always remember how touched I was by the fact that so much of it was made possible by donations from the community. We would love to be able to give back a little to make it possible for families to have these same accommodations and more for years to come.





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