Celebrate Miracle Moms this May!

Happy Mother’s Day to Miracle Moms everywhere! That’s right, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13 and where would we be without the moms in our lives?

CMN Hospitals’ Miracle Moms never give up the fight to help their kids be the best they can be and we’re thankful for their tireless efforts every day.

Carly and Heather

While Carly leads the life of a typical second-grader, participating in Girl Scouts, learning tap and jazz, excelling in math, and becoming fiercely independent, that’s where Carly’s “typical” ends. She is just one of 17 kids living with progeria in the U.S. Progeria is an extremely rare genetic condition that causes her to age eight to 10 years each year.

JaKiah and Crystal

At age 4, JaKiah was diagnosed with kidney cancer, specifically an advanced stage of Wilms tumor. While her school friends learned the alphabet, JaKiah underwent months of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Now JaKiah has gone five years of being cancer free, a major milestone. She is full of sass and loves to be around her friends. She will continue enduring numerous ultrasounds, CT scans, X-rays, blood work and check-ups until 2023 to ensure she remains cancer free.

Nate and Amber

Just a few weeks before his first birthday, Nathan was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, a degenerative disorder that attacks the mitochondria — the source that creates enough energy for the body’s systems to sustain function and support growth. Nathan’s nine specialists ensure he stays on track with oxygen supplementation, daily medication and the placement of a gastric stimulator in his stomach. While his body may not always have the proper energy, Nate’s fun-loving personality stands in stark contrast to his disease.

Marlee and Rachel

Marlee was born missing nine of 12 ribs on her right side, causing severe scoliosis and an abnormally small right lung, leaving her unable to breathe on her own. At 10 days old, she had her first of 22 surgeries (so far). Marlee has surgery every four to six months to adjust her Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Ribs, which helps stabilize Marlee’s spine and separate her ribs, allowing her lungs to expand as she grows.

To show all the Miracle Moms you know and love how much you care, stop by Costco and buy a miracle balloon in their honor (you can also pick up flowers and a cake too!). Donations will help kids like Carly, JaKiah, Nate and Marlee and their families live better.

For the past 31 years (26 in Canada) Costco members and employees have been helping CMN Hospitals make miracles for sick and injured kids by raising $285.2 million. Through May 31, Costco will raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by selling miracle balloons at the register.




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