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Children’s Health in Dallas, TX Awarded Hospital/Foundation of the Year Award

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Awards Children’s Health in Dallas, TX with Hospital/Foundation of the Year Award at Annual Fall Business Meeting

After many decades operating with only one dedicated staff member to CMN Hospitals, Children’s Health has invested and grown their team within the foundation to eight full time employees in just under four years. This amazing team is made up of: Araceley Munoz, Kara Gregory, Colten Hendrick, Kendall Rowden, Marcie Long, Fatima Villarreal, Olivia Turner and Madison Myers. This team is positive, engaged, and works cohesively with their counterparts at Cook Children’s in Ft. Worth to tirelessly maintain growth and promotion of all CMN Hospitals partnerships and programs.

Since joining Children’s Health in 2017, Aracely Munoz has led the team and brought a strategic approach to CMN Hospitals fundraising. Aracely empowers everyone to fully activate around relationships and campaigns to increase the critical funds needed to ensure kids and families are supported. Under her leadership, the team has also reenergized their commitment to Dance Marathon and been at the forefront in Extra Life and Play Yellow fundraising.

Highlights of Team Accomplishments

  • Marcie Long grew Extra Life within the market by 42% in 2020.
  • Kendall Rowden has already generated $93k in 2021 thru a Play Yellow golf tournament with Top Golf.
  • Hispanic Radiothon returned as a collaboration event in 2020 with a $678% increase year over year.

Through strengthened relationships with local and regional partner leadership, corporate fundraising has increased  with  partners such as Walmart, Costco, and Panda Express. Knowing the importance of engaging new partners, the team is also focused on identifying potential regional and local partners and has openly shared those opportunities with CMN Hospitals New Business Development team.

Every member of the team demonstrates their willingness to contribute new ideas and collaborate with their peers in TX and across the network. Congratulations to Children’s Health in Dallas, TX for your commitment to change kids’ health and change the future – for all of us!