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CMN Hospitals Campaign Personal to Walmart Associate

Donyetta’s Story

Donyetta Phipps and Family (L to R) Ceasar, Zeek, Tez, Donyetta

When Donyetta Phipps, a Walmart associate from Flint, MI, gave birth to twins on June 24, 2013, it was a complete surprise. Donnyetta’s due date was still months away. Earlier that day she experienced some discomfort and went to the hospital. When she was told by the doctor, “You’re gonna have these babies in the next 30,” Donyetta thought he meant 30 days. What he actually meant was the next 30 minutes!  

Donyetta was instantly scared, as any new mother would be. However, her blood pressure was dangerously high so an emergency c-section had to be performed. LaVentez (Tez) was born first, weighing two pounds, nine ounces. His brother, Eziquiel (Zeek) arrived two minutes later weighing two pounds, eight ounces.  The twins were on ventilators for their first week of life. Both suffered a congenital heart condition known as a PDA. That condition was treated with medicine, and the twins spent the next several months in the NICU at Hurley Children’s Hospital, a member of Children’s Miracle Network Hosptials, getting strong enough to come home.

Giving Back

Donyetta with her twins in the NICU at Hurley Children’s Hospital
Zeek and Tez snuggled up in their CMN Hospitals blankets

Before her experience at her local children’s hospital, Donyetta really didn’t know much if anything about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. She was so thankful for the care they received, she became very involved with the CMN Hospitals campaign. Donyetta feels  strongly about giving back and paying it forward, she knows first-hand how the funds raised changes lives. The twins are now happy, healthy, typical eight-year-olds. They’ve been given the opportunity to reach their full potential due to the care they received in those first few uncertain months of life.

When you give at your local Walmart and Sam’s Club during the CMN Hospitals campaign, you’re giving kids like Zeek and Tez a healthy future and a world of possibilities.