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Costco is Helping Change Kids’ Health May 1-31

We believe protecting our local communities and our collective future hinges on the capacities and well-being of children. Because of this, we are driven to do all we can to keep children safe. Contributions to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals transforms how member hospitals meet the urgent needs. And kids can’t wait!

Give at the Costco register May 1-31!

During the month of May, you can help to change kids’ health for local member children’s hospitals! Shop online or in-warehouse at Costco, donate to help kids, like Yeira.

Yeira was born with an extremely rare incurable gastrointestinal disease. Her intestines simply do not work. She receives nutrition through her veins and through a method bypassing her intestines. This care can cause fluid retention and tissue swelling where Yeira receives daily treatment. Without the treatment, the fluids can dangerously seep into her organs. Already, she has survived several life-threatening experiences, including a heart attack. Donations support programs giving Yeira a world of possibility, including the in-hospital school, playrooms and therapy dogs.

Transform a child’s future.

Today, we are transforming a child’s future. Children’s hospitals are on the frontlines to provide the treatments patients desperately need, but they can’t do it alone. Together, we see what the future can be and we’re working to make it a reality. When you donate at the register, you help fund the most urgent needs of local children’s hospitals.

35 YEARS and more than $500 MILLION raised!

For 35 years, Costco and its members have rallied together raising more than $500 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. When we help fund medical treatments, equipment and facilities-we ensure children live healthy, fulfilling lives and foster the scientists, artists and leaders of tomorrow.

Through donations, hospitals provide treatments and healing patients desperately need today, so they can fulfill their potential for tomorrow. Ultimately having ripple effects positively impacting our communities and our world for years to come.

Change Kids’ Health. Change the Future.