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Costco is Making a Difference for Kids!

Thank you for Your Generous Support!

We’re halfway through our fundraising campaign with Costco for CMN Hospitals, and we’re so grateful for your incredible support! Thanks to your donations countless kids are receiving the life-saving care they need.

Sharing Impactful Stories:

Every year, thousands of courageous kids like Natalie face unimaginable challenges. Natalie, a kind and bright daughter of two Costco employees, battled a brain tumor and later a spinal cord tumor. Despite grueling treatments and setbacks, Natalie’s spirit never wavered.

Natalie’s journey highlights the power of CMN Hospitals. With support from Costco donations, her member children’s hospital was able to connect her family with Mimbres Academy, a haven for children like her. There, Natalie thrived, regaining confidence and hope for the future.

Keeping the Momentum Going:

There’s still time to make a difference! Here are ways you can continue to support:

  • Shop at Costco: Look for donation options at checkout or online.
  • Spread the Word: Share our campaign with friends and family on social media!
  • Volunteer your time: Many local member children’s hospitals offer volunteer opportunities.

Together, let’s shine a light on hope for kids like Natalie!. Thank you for your continued support!