Ep. 33 Hunter Hayes Conversation

Hunter speaks about the miracles involved with him achieving his childhood dreams of becoming a country music artist, his experience performing on stage with Hank Williams Jr. at age four, dealing with the insecurity of his voice changing and the proudest moment of his career.


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Hunter Hayes is a country music singer, songwriter, Grammy nominee artist and multi-instrumentalist who plays over 30 instruments.


Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How Hunter got the opportunity to sing on stage with Hank Williams Jr. when he was four years old
  • Hunter’s advice for artists who want to be successful in Nashville
  • How Hunter taught himself to play over 30 instruments
  • The challenges Hunter faced with his voice changing and how he overcame the insecurity
  • The girl who inspired Hunter’s #1 song Wanted and how the song didn’t help him get the girl
  • The biggest mentor in Hunter’s life
  • The proudest moment of Hunter’s career

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  1. My daughter has been suddenly diagnosed with two diseases that don’t have much research. Which means finding the treatment has been hard. She LOVES country. Especially listening to Hunter Hayes!

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