Ep. 40 Chloe Davison Conversation

Chloe Davison talks about living life with cancer at 5 years old, her next big dream and her advice for other hospitalized kids.


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When Chloe was just 5 years old, a blood infection confirmed led doctors to discover that Chloe had leukemia. Chloe had chemotherapy for about 2 and a half years. Chloe says while she remembers being sick, she doesn’t like to talk about it because she’s a new person. Now 10 years old, Chloe’s silly, smart, hilarious and calls herself a fashionista. Chloe is looking forward to her future dream of becoming a pediatrician.


Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How Chloe discovered she had cancer at just five years old.
  • What life was like for Chloe when she was going through Chemo treatments
  • Chloe’s memories of being involved in CMN Hospitals’ Champions Program
  • The biggest challenges and biggest lessons that came from cancer
  • The reason Chloe believes she experienced cancer
  • Chloe’s next big dream


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