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Ep. 42 Marlee Davenport Conversation

Marlee Davenport talks about living with her health challenges, why she loves Riley Children’s Hospital and a special message for Taylor Swift.



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Marlee Davenport was born missing 9 of 12 ribs on her right side, causing severe scoliosis and her right lung to be abnormally small. At 10 days old, she had her first of 22 surgeries, and she’ll need continued care throughout her life. Marlee has kept a positive attitude despite the medical challenges she has faced. Her advice to other facing challenges is to “Just keep smiling”. Marlee loves horseback riding, gymnastics and soccer.


Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How Marlee deals with the health challenges she was born with
  • Why Marlee loves Riley Children’s Hospital
  • Marlee’s special message for her favorite singer, Taylor Swift
  • How Marlee is able to relate to the movie “Wonder” and why being different is beautiful


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