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Ep. 44 Victoria Arlen Conversation

Victoria Arlen talks about being trapped in a vegetative state for four years and how she pursued her dreams after a miraculous recovery.


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Victoria Arlen is a world-renowned speaker, ESPN on-air personality, model, actress, gold and silver medalist and alumni of Dancing With the Stars.


Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How two rare disorders put Victoria’s body into a vegetative state
  • How gratitude aided Victoria’s miraculous recovery
  • Victoria experience competing in the Paralympics
  • How Victoria was able to compete on Dancing with the Stars even though she doesn’t have feeling in her legs
  • What it felt like to walk for the first time in 10 years after experiencing paralysis
  • Victoria’s insight on overcoming adversity
  • How you can support your local Children’s Hospital by visiting a Dairy Queen near you on Free Cone Day, March 20th


This episode is brought to you by Dairy Queen.


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