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Ep. 52 Kristen Bell Conversation

Kristen Bell talks about the biggest miracle in her life, balancing her career with motherhood, how she manages anxiety and depression, and an inside look at her character in “The Good Place”.

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Kristen Bell is a singer, an actress, a philanthropist, and a multiple award winner who currently stars as Eleanor Shellstrop on “The Good Place”.  Kristen is the co-founder of the company, “This Bar Saves Lives”, and she is a wife and a mother to two girls.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How Kristen’s mom and humanitarian experiences influenced her giving back philosophy
  • Kristen’s inspiration for starting her own company
  • Kristen’s happiness versus suffering philosophy
  • How Kristen balances her career with motherhood
  • Kristen’s journey with anxiety and depression
  • The biggest miracle in Kristen’s life
  • An in-depth look at the TV show “The Good Place” and why Kristen loves playing Eleanor


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