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Ep. 56 Lindsey Stirling Conversation

Lindsey Stirling talks about how she overcame a personal battle with depression and anorexia, found miracles in her journey to success, and let her spirituality guide her life.  

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Lindsey Stirling is an acclaimed violinist, dancer, performance artist, composer, motivational speaker, author, and a two-time Billboard Music Award winner. Her YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers and her videos have over 2 billion views.  

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How Lindsey started playing the violin at a young age and how she achieved her dreams to become a successful violinist, musician, and dancer.
  • The life lesson Lindsey learned from being on America’s Got Talent.
  • The amazing spiritual journey Lindsey experienced as she struggled with an injury and an exhausting tour while competing on Dancing with the Stars.
  • How Lindsey overcame her personal battle with depression and anorexia.
  • Where you can see Lindsey in upcoming tours and follow her incredible journey.

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