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Slippery Air Racing - Racing to help CMN

Racing for Kids' Health

Let's be honest - there are hundreds of kids who went to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital today. Some got stitches, others had bones set, others received treatment for ongoing concerns. Donate now to join in supporting kids in our community.<br/><br/>We are driving over 5000 miles in the first few days of May. 3453 of these miles are in 7 days during the 2020 Tire Rack One Lap of America. 7 days, 8 tracks, and events that include autocross, drag racing, and road racing on some of America's more challenging tracks.<br/><br/>Please help us reach our goal, so Children's Miracle Network can help as many kids as possible.<br/>


$ 125.00


$ 5,000.00

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Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center