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Hospital fundraiser

Fundraiser for PCH in honor of Noni

Hi my name is Jaiden and I am in the 5th grade and I am doing a school project that I'm very excited about. My class had this choice for me to research Medical Imaging and that's what saved my little brother's life multiple times. I am choosing to do a fundraiser on behalf of my brother. We have the perfect family and friends to help me with this and to help the hospital that saved my little brother.  Once I found out I've thought that I could maybe help other people with disabilities and health conditions like my brother. So if you're wondering why I'm doing this.  To give back the hospital that saved my little brothers Joyner (a.k.a Noni's) life.

 Help us raise money for the families in need at our local children's hospital. 

 Help us change families lives.


A big shout out to all of you that have donated. Thank you! Love Jaiden.                                                                                         


$ 900.00


$ 500.00

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Primary Children's Hospital