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Get to Know Our 2016-17 Del. Champion, Bryttani


Bryttani has been singing since she could speak. However, unlike most music-loving teenagers, Bryttani was born with a facial deformity. A Tessier cleft is a rare, severe midline facial cleft. Bryttani’s began at her lip and palate, extended through the area where the nasal structure should have been and ended in the area of her left eye, which was missing.

Since birth, Bryttani has undergone numerous surgeries, including cleft lip and soft palate correction, bone grafts, jaw alignment, surgery to build up her socket to for a prosthetic eye and another to connect her tear ducts. Bryttani has also received extensive orthodontic work on her upper jaw and hard palate. Once she’s finished growing and all of her orthodontic work is complete, Bryttani will undergo nasal reconstruction.

Despite everything, Bryttani keeps on singing. She’s a confident young woman who loves to write and perform her own songs.

How donations helped Bryttani at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:  

Donations to CMN Hospitals support uncompensated care programs including pet therapy, which introduced Bryttani to Lentil, a French bulldog who also underwent surgery to repair his cleft palate.