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The latest 2018-2019 Miracle Million Club members

Here are the newest 2018-2019 Miracle Million Club members! Let’s give a virtual round of applause for the following:


This February, thousands of Ohio State students came together at BuckeyeThon’s annual Dance Marathon to celebrate a year’s worth of fundraising for the Hematology, Oncology, and BMT Unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. At the end of the event, they announced that $1,603,437,49 was raised For The Kids!! Thank you so much to BuckeyeThon, The Ohio State University, the Office of Student Life at The Ohio State University, and each and every donor for your ongoing support of the kids and families at Nationwide Children’s. We are beyond grateful for your dedication and commitment to saving lives.


University of Connecticut’s HuskyTHON is part of Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Miracle Million Club and the “Extra Comma Club” of Dance Marathon. Since 2000, students at the University of Connecticut have been fundraising for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

This year, the program centered around what it means to be “All In For The Kids.” Students all across campus were challenged to be “all in” and rise to the occasion to raise $1 million for the first time in the program’s history.

Through their “All In For The Kids” campaign, HuskyTHON shared the stories and impact of the program, recognized dancers for their many contributions to HuskyTHON, and provided fundraising resources and initiatives for participants.

UConn students knew that each and every one of them was an integral “piece” of the “million dollar puzzle.” This mindset and permeated every aspect of the program and was palpable in the fieldhouse throughout the 18-hour event.

Eliza Kanner and Sam Gay, Co-Executive Directors of HuskyTHON 2018, took the stage to address the crowd of 3,000+ at the conclusion of the 18-hour event. “Before we raise our total number, we want to thank every single person in this room. Because no matter what this number is behind us, it would have never been possible without all of you being “All In For The Kids” this year.”

Thank you to the all the students, donors, and supporters who made HuskyTHON 2018 such a success. Welcome to the Miracle Million Club, HuskyTHON!