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Meet IHOP National Pancake Day Culinary Kid Elise!

Partnering with IHOP, CMN Hospitals put out a call to current and former CMN Hospitals patients to dream up their best pancake creation for the chance to join the inaugural IHOP Kid Culinary Team and cook their recipe in the brand’s test kitchen and then be the ambassador for National Pancake Day. Meet Culinary Kid Elise:

Elise suffers from a rare chromosome defect that has caused her to be hospitalized many times due to seven surgeries, multiple illnesses, and monitoring of her epilepsy. Inspired by her love for her old cat, Elise came up with a pancake that starts with two chocolate pancakes filled with a raspberry custard layer and then a cat face using whipped cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate ice cream.

Comments for Meet IHOP National Pancake Day Culinary Kid Elise!

  1. Hi Elise, your pancake creation sounds so good!!☺. I like raspberries!! IHOP should consider making CMN kids pancake creations a part of the menu! ☺❤. You guys are talented, creative, strong, and loved!! Live each day with hope, hope in the impossible, and hope for the future!!☺❤

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