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Meet IHOP National Pancake Day Culinary Kid Sim!

Partnering with IHOP, CMN Hospitals put out a call to current and former CMN Hospitals patients to dream up their best pancake creation for the chance to join the inaugural IHOP Kid Culinary Team and cook their recipe in the brand’s test kitchen and then be the ambassador for National Pancake Day. Meet Culinary Kid Sim:
Since age 6, Sim has undergone two brain surgeries to try to remove a golf ball-sized malignant brain tumor, which led to an unexpected coma, impaired vision and right-sided weakness. In the 10 years since his first treatment, Sim has excelled and today he is a 1st degree blackbelt with aspirations to be a doctor of Audiology. Sim created SIMcakes – Super Incredible Mouthwatering pancakes – which start with buttermilk pancakes mixed with milk chocolate toffee chunks topped with whipped topping, caramel sauce and another sprinkle of toffee candy.