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Our N.C. 2016-17 Champion Katie Continues to Defy the Odds


Medical prognoses don’t carry much weight with Katie and her family. Katie has defied them all. She was born with a cleft palate and an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects the pituitary gland, important for heart rate, thyroid, blood pressure, growth hormones and more. Katie is only the fourth person to be diagnosed with this disorder. Katie’s diagnoses also include a deviated septum and small optic nerves. She’s had many medical obstacles and wasn’t expected to ever see, but she has overcome them all.

Katie will always require medical attention, but that’s not slowing her down. She rarely complains about her limitations, recognizing they are a part of her, not all of her. Her bubbly personality is evident in her smile and her pink and blue clothes. During family dinners, she commands the table, asking everyone, “What was your favorite part of the day?”

How donations helped Katie at Levine Children’s Hospital:   

CMN Hospitals donations have supported Katie from her first days in an intensive care isolette to the pediatric nebulizers she uses today for her breathing treatments.