RE/MAX Eclipse Hosts Fundraiser Dinner

Try this out as a fun way to raise money for your local hospital! Benihana restaurant has a “Be the Chef” program where guests can try their hand at cooking on the hibachi grill. Read more about the promotion by clicking here.

What started out as simply a birthday gift from one broker to another got turned into a fundraiser for CMN Hospitals. The hosts charged admission, half of which covered the dinner and the other half was donated to the local hospital.

One of the organizers, agent Linda Wells, said: “There were 19 people in attendance and after we paid the bill and tipped the gentleman that helped we were able to raise $730 for CMN Hospitals, which was matched by our broker as well for a grand total of $1,460! All just with a fun evening out having dinner with friends. It was such a hit people are asking if we are going to do it again. There were two tables at Benihana side-by-side with each one of our two brokers cooking at one of them.”

Thank you, RE/MAX Eclipse!



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