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Sam’s Club Associates Rock Out for Kids’ Health!

Sam’s Club associates are like rockstars – they bring the energy and dedication that spark real change! Now – July 7, they’re using their passion to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) and help kids in our communities lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Every dollar you donate in-store at Sam’s Club (or Walmart!), online at, or through the Walmart app goes directly to your local children’s hospital. These funds provide critical treatments and support for young patients, empowering them to reach their full potential.

From Jazz to Healing: Cody’s Story

Cynthia, a rockstar Sam’s Club associate herself, knows the power of CMN Hospitals firsthand. Her son, Cody, has always been a bright light, his love for jazz and nature walks creating a vibrant symphony of joy in their lives. However, a rare condition called Sotos syndrome added a quieter note to his health.

Despite these challenges, Cody thrived. However, in November 2020, their happy melody took a turn. A frantic emergency room visit led them to Lurie Children’s Hospital, a member of CMN Hospitals. Fear gripped Cynthia and her husband, especially with the pandemic adding another layer of worry.

A Symphony of Hope

The moment they arrived, the music shifted. A team of specialists, like a skilled orchestra, gathered to diagnose and treat Cody. The diagnosis was a familiar tune – a bacterial infection. This time, the stakes were higher, but the CMN Hospitals team played flawlessly. Their expertise and compassion were the perfect counterpoint to the anxious symphony of emotions Cynthia and her family felt.

The treatment, expertly administered, led to a beautiful resolution – Cody recovered! Back home, the after-effects lingered, but a new instrument joined their life – an Amazon Echo, a prize from bingo played in his hospital room. It became a symbol of hope, a reminder of the incredible care he received.

Your Note Can Change a Song

Cynthia encourages everyone to ask cashiers about supporting CMN Hospitals every time they shop at Sam’s Club. This cause is even closer to her heart after her son faced his health battles. Fundraising with CMN Hospitals isn’t just about donations; it’s about creating a beautiful symphony of hope.

Every contribution you make, every item you purchase that supports CMN Hospitals, becomes a note in that life-affirming melody. Join Sam’s Club and Walmart associates and be a part of the music that can change kids’ health and rewrite the future for children like Cody!