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Take the Lead: Children’s Hospitals Help Fuel Food Security

Take the Lead is a new blog series from Teri Nestel, president and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In this leadership-focused series, Teri will share her insights and leadership lessons alike.

The USDA estimates that about 14 million children in the US are food insecure – meaning 1 in 6 children do not have access to enough food to live an active healthy lifestyle.

Hunger and health are deeply connected: nutrition, healthy eating and overall wellness are key to a child’s development and future success. But when food security is lacking or absent, it can have adverse effects like chronic diseases, unbearable stress and the harsh decision of choosing food over another necessity.

To protect children’s health, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are striving to take a bite out of food insecurity in support of this national crisis.

Here are 5 surprising facts you should know about these local lifesavers.