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The Top Moments From Untold Miracles 2018 Season That Gave Us All The Feels

What a year on Untold Miracles! This season, the podcast brought us laughter, tears, and that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you smile. Here are the top moments of the 2018 season that we can’t stop thinking about.

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨

There were moments that……

Made our eyes water – I’m not crying, you’re crying!

  • We had to grab a jumbo box of tissues when Victoria Arlen described what it was like to walk after being paralyzed for 10 years. Her nerves became our nerves when she described anxiously putting one foot in front of the other. Then the tears really started flowing when she gave advice to others going through adversity. Excuse me while I sob happy tears.

  • We all got a bad case of “allergies” as we sniffled through the true story Jack Nicklaus told of meeting an inspirational 11-year-old boy named Craig with cancer who changed his life. Jack then went on to dedicate his incredible victory at the 1986 Masters to Craig. How is this not a movie yet?

Restored our faith in humanity

  • Who better to make you believe there is good in the world than Kristen Bell? At the conclusion of her awe-inspiring episode, she told us her wish for three miracles in the world and had us all slow clapping for her vision of the future. We know you’re making it into the Good Place, Kristen.

  • Just when you thought this podcast had covered every inspirational topic possible, Roger Clemens hit us with the one-two-punch of a heartwarming story involving baseball, love, and our troops. Roger was playing for the New York Yankees during 9/11 and was able to meet and hear the amazing stories from fire fighters and police officers that served that day. He then went to the Middle East to visit and inspire 16,000+ troops.

  • Kendra Scott gave us all chills as she told her story of starting a billion-dollar company out of her garage while determined to give back. Not only has her company given over $4.5 million to charity, she puts special Kendra Cares jewelry making stations in children’s hospitals all over the country. We are all stealing your motto, Kendra: “You Do Good.”

Made us LOL

  • The mental image of the oh-so-glamorous and oh-so-talented Sabrina Carpenter trying to catch a lizard in her house had us all laughing that painful ab-laugh. After her uplifting episode about helping others and pursuing her dreams, lizards running amuck was just the ending we needed.

  • You know you’re a redneck when….comedian Jeff Foxworthy tells you so. I’m not sure I’ve ever chuckled more than when Jeff told his favorite jokes and how we wrote them.
  • LeVar Burton was not sure how he was going to get famous, just that he wanted to. And what does every 14-year-old need to perfect before reaching stardom? Their autograph. He gave us all the giggles as he told the story of perfecting his autograph before he was even close to famous. Little did that young teenage version of LeVar know that he would become a successful actor and one of the world’s greatest storytellers. Dream big, teens.

Had us grinning from ear to ear

  • We are still smiling from the mental image of billionaire businessman and Shark Tank tough guy getting on the floor to hang out with kids and be on their level. We not only got to hear the story of how Mark Cuban became so successful but we also got to hear about him hanging out with kids treated at CMN Hospitals and bringing smiles to their faces. The thought is so happy, I think I might explode.

  • It’s no secret that Kurt Warner might have the biggest heart of any celebrity out there, but hearing about how his son inspires him made our hearts explode. His son Zachary suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was young and has overcome so much in 29 years. The love was palpable in Kurt’s voice as he described how his son doesn’t let anything hold him back.

  • The emotional rollercoaster of hearing Miss American Nia Franklin describe what it was like to donate her stem cells to save her father’s life, be crowned in front of thousands of people, and live her dreams was enough to have us smiling, laughing, and crying in one 20-minute episode. But as if that wasn’t enough, she did a hospital visit right after her episode and got a picture with a baby treated on the oncology floor and it may be the cutest thing ever. Like ever!

Made us believe in miracles

  • Okay, but for real, how amazing is Lindsey Stirling? She had us all in full blown astonishment when she shared the story of getting injured on Dancing With the Stars and pushing through to become runner-up. And then when she called out for her father, who had passed on years earlier, to be with her during the finale and felt angels guiding her footsteps! Chills. All the chills, Lindsey.
  • We all know Phillip Phillips has an incredible voice as the winner of American Idol, but what we didn’t know was the miraculous true story of his health struggle. Being born premature and facing complications at such a young age, Phillip credits doctors, nurses, and staff from his local children’s hospital for saving his life. We believe in miracles!

Thanks to all our supporters, listeners, and celebrity guests for making our 2018 season so special. We promise our next season will keep all the feels coming. See you in 2019!