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Use Instagram’s Donation Sticker for Stories

Instagram users will now be able to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by raising money using an embedded Donation sticker on the platform’s Stories feature. Instagram’s owner, Facebook, will cover the credit-card processing fees and costs of operating the feature.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the Donation sticker:


  • Use the Donation sticker during fundraising events and remember to use the sticker each time you add to your Story (which lasts 24 hours.)
  • Speaking of life span, turn your Story into a Highlight so it can live forever! (Or at least until you delete it.)
  • If you want donations to count towards an existing fundraiser (such as a personal Dance Marathon or Extra Life fundraiser) please do not use the Donation sticker or Facebook Donate button. Instead, share a link to your fundraising page when you post about your fundraiser.