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Ep. 26 Winn Claybaugh Conversation

Winn Claybaugh talks on his most powerful interviews through Master’s Audio Club, how to overcome addiction and depression to achieve self-love, and how to give back.


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Winn Claybaugh is a motivational speaker, author, host of masters audio club, recipient of numerous humanitarian awards, co-founder and CEO of Paul Mitchell School.



Listen to this episode and learn:

  • The influences Winn had growing up that shaped him today
  • How Winn got the idea for the FUNraising program
  • Some of the miracles Winn has witnessed in raising money for non-profits.
  • Winn’s three basic human needs and how they can change our lives
  • Some of the most impactful interviews Winn has done through his Master’s Audio Club
  • Winn’s personal experience and advice for overcoming addiction, depression and achieving self-love