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Affliction: Brain Tumor

There’s no need to visit the local art museum when Savannah Spacil of South Weber, Utah, is around. Savannah loves to make artwork and rarely leaves her house without grabbing her latest masterpiece to give to anyone she encounters, including the doctors and nurses who currently play a pivotal role in her life.

When Savannah was 5 years old, a brain tumor was found on her pituitary gland. Her young age ruled out radiation therapy, so doctors surgically removed the tumor, though they worried it would return. Worries were confirmed a year later when the tumor began to grow again. Though radiation therapy did not achieve the desired effect, the tumor is now dormant and is no longer growing. Unfortunately, the tumor has damaged the part of Savannah’s brain that controls hunger and appetite. She feels hungry all the time, but has learned to keep her mind busy to combat the hunger she feels.

To keep her busy, Savannah loves to sing and create the art that always depicts her innocent, positive outlook on life.

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