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Frequently Asked Questions-Super Mom

What is Super Mom? 
Super Mom is a competition operated by a third-party organization, Colossal, a fundraising partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Learn more about the competition here:

Who hosts Super Mom?  
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is the charitable beneficiary of the Super Mom competition, hosted by Colossal.  

When is Super Mom?  
Super Mom runs April 15, 2024 through June 20, 2024.   

How does the voting and selection process work?    
The rules for both competitors and voters are posted on the Super Mom website Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals does not have any input into voting or the selection of the Super Mom.  

Where does the money go? 
Funds raised through the Super Mom competition benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These funds support the organization’s mission to raise funds and awareness for member children’s hospitals.   

Inquiries about the competition, rules, voting, etc. 
All inquiries about the competition can be directed to