Children's Miracle Network is changing its name and icon as of January 1, 2011 - meet the new Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®

The goal is to elevate Children's Miracle Network Hospitals into one of the top three most recognized children's charities. Rebranding is just one of the many initiatives we are undertaking to raise awareness and increase fundraising.

Watch this video to understand our new brand.

Why rebrand?
In our goal to become a top three children's charity, we carefully evaluated our brand compared to other children's charities. We wanted to understand why people donated to us, as well as why they don't. It became clear, based on research, that people need to better understand who we are and what we do.

What do you mean by rebranding?
Our efforts go way beyond a new name and a new logo – it's about defining our corporate personality. When you see something created and distributed by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, you should know it is ours because everything will feel the same. We have carefully crafted our name, our logo (which we also call a mark and icon), the look and feel of our artwork, as well as our brand voice, to convey this new personality.

Who did the rebranding work?
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals worked with Landor's Cincinnati office. Landor is recognized as a world leader in rebranding and brand creation and their Cincinnati office does work for Proctor and Gamble and many other organizations. We are very fortunate to have their help in this project.

Were partner hospitals and sponsors consulted about the impact of this rebranding?
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' Board of Trustees is made up of hospital CEOs, hospital foundation leaders, sponsor representatives, business professionals and media experts. The Board represents all the constituents of the organization and it made the final decision on the rebranding effort. Several hospitals and sponsors were also contacted individually and through focus groups in the process.

When was this change announced?
Our name change and rebranding efforts were announced to hospitals and sponsors in August 2009. A formal announcement was made to all partners during the 2010 Celebration event on November 12, 2010.

Why add "Hospitals" to the name?
Adding "Hospitals" to our name clarifies who we are and what we do, which ultimately drives donations. Our partner hospitals, foundations and sponsors will directly benefit from our effort to help the public understand what we do on behalf of their community.

Why change the logo?
The red and yellow balloon has always been the most recognized symbol of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Our research indicated an updated logo will help Children's Miracle Network Hospitals stand out among other strong charitable brands. As a result of its brand equity, care was taken to maintain the basic colors and concept of the balloon in the rebranding effort. The updated logo also reflects the new personality that comes with our rebranding - clean, simple and fresh.

We've cobranded with the old logo, so what do we do now?
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals will begin using the new logo and name as of January 1, 2011, and we ask that you do the same. We know that you have signage, paper icons, shirts, etc. as a part of past fundraising efforts. We understand that transitioning to the new name and logo will be a timely and costly process. You do not need to immediately change signage and other materials but please begin the process of updating these items with the new logo as soon as possible.

Is there a new URL?
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals will be online at as of January 1, 2011. Emails will change accordingly.

Can I abbreviate the name to CMN or CMNH?
Please don't! We will be using CMNHospitals in the digital world – such as our URL, Facebook and Twitter pages – but ask that you write out Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in other situations. We know it's long, but it supports our branding.

Am I using the new logo correctly?
Refer to the Usage Guide and usage examples. We expect it to take a few months before you're comfortable using the new brand, so please direct any and all questions to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Creative Services department at