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Miracle Jeans Day


Email Message

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Mark your calendar! Wednesday, Sept. 10 is “Miracle Jeans Day,” an annual fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®, a charity that raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals.

I hope you'll consider joining me in “earning” the right to wear jeans that day with a $5 minimum donation. All donations stay local to benefit the member hospital serving that community.

Visit to sign up, create a team [or join our/my team: TEAM NAME] and browse the online store full of T-shirts, water bottles and other items for a great Miracle Jeans Day experience. Free tools and resources, including printable stickers, are also available to help you plan and host a successful event. 
Let’s go casual for local kids!


Facebook Status Updates

  • I just signed up to go casual for kids! I’ll be wearing jeans to work on Sept. 10 to raise funds for [HOSPITAL], my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Join me for #MiracleJeansDay and support kids at a member hospital near you!

  • Your skinny jeans will never feel better then when you wear ‘em to help save kids’ lives! Join me in signing up to participate in #MiracleJeansDay on Sept. 10. Register today at, then don your denim to help a Children's Miracle Network Hospital near you.

  • Wish you could wear jeans to work? Miracle Jeans Day is your chance! Learn more at and sign up to rock your dungarees on Sept. 10 in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. #MiracleJeansDay

  • ON MIRACLE JEANS DAY: [Attach photo of you wearing jeans] Take a look at these Miracle Jeans! Just for today, I traded in my usual work attire to wear jeans in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Happy #MiracleJeansDay!

Twitter Options

  • Wear jeans. Help kids! Sign up to go casual on 9/10 and show your support for @CMNHospitals. Register at

  • Feel better in your skinny jeans! Sign up for #MiracleJeansDay on 9/10 and help local kids. Register at

  • It's almost #MiracleJeansDay! Sign up at and wear jeans on 9/10 to support kids at @CMNHospitals.

  • We're supporting @CMNHospitals on #MiracleJeansDay by wearing our jeans on 9/10. You can too!

  • Who knew wearing your favorite jeans to work could support kids at your local CMN Hospital? Tell your friends about #MiracleJeansDay!

  • ON MIRACLE JEANS DAY: [Attach photo of you wearing jeans] Happy #MiracleJeansDay! Helping @CMNHospitals kids and wearing jeans never felt so good!

Miracle Marathon


Email Message

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Dear [NAME],

I'd like to introduce you to a marathon — a "Miracle Marathon" — for any age or skill level. It will help you get (or stay) active while helping kids treated at your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital get well.

Miracle Marathoners simply move a mile per day — through any activity they choose — from Sept. 16 to Oct. 12. The first 26 days are completed at a time and place convenient for each participant. On the final day, we'll all begin the last 1.2 miles at the same time and finish the 27.2-mile Miracle Marathon together. It’s a marathon, plus an extra mile for the kids!

Participants are encouraged to raise the equivalent of $10 per day for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. You'll receive daily challenges, inspirational stories or motivational messages to help you meet your fitness and fundraising goals. It's going to be great for you, and for the kids in your community, so I hope you'll join me and register today at



Facebook Status Updates

  • Be a part of miracle-making for [local kids – or – INSERT HOSPITAL NAME]. Join us for the Miracle Marathon this fall.

  • Make miracles for kids at [local kids – or – INSERT HOSPITAL NAME], during the Miracle Marathon. The fun begins Sept. 16. Register at:

  • Move one mile per day for 27 days and participate in the Miracle Marathon, benefiting sick and injured kids at [INSERT HOSPITAL NAME]. Learn more:

Twitter Options

  • #MiracleMarathon is a 27-day wellness challenge to help local kids. Find out more at:

  • The options for completing each @MiracleMarathon mile are endless. Join us:

  • Sept. 16 kicks off the @MiracleMarathon for [local kids – or – INSERT HOSPITAL NAME]!  1 mile/day for 27 days, all to help kids. RT if you’re participating! 

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