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5 Surprising Ways Children’s Hospitals are More Refreshing than New Socks

1. They remind you of all the good you forgot was in the world.

2. They’re the best of the best. And we’re not just saying that. U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals did a whole issue about it. Like the old saying goes–you can’t buy that kind of press. Not that we would. Because that’s not how we spend your valuable donations.

3. They are (literally) not your grandma’s hospital. Did you know that ER’s for kids need to be a different temperature than those for grown ups? Kids are not just tiny adults. That means their care needs to be different too, and our hospitals know that.

4. Our champions are the coolest kids around. Seriously, check out our friend Teddy!

5. YOU are the reason they can keep helping kids. Share your upcoming birthday for local kids. Game for kids.  When you donate, we keep your funds local and help hospitals fund their most critical needs.

PS – don’t forget that we have the freshest socks.