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Ep. 18 Angelica Hale Conversation

Angelica Hale shares her experience getting a kidney transplant from her mom, how Children’s Health Care of Atlanta saved her life, what it’s like performing on America’s Got Talent and a special message to all her fans.

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Angelica Hale is a young singer and performer from Atlanta who is also an ECMO life-support and kidney transplant survivor. Angelica is currently competing on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent. Her mission is to spread awareness of the support that children’s hospitals need for the lifesaving care they provide. Angelica’s dream is to become the next Whitney Houston.



Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Angelica’s personal experience nearly losing her life to double pneumonia
  • Angelica’s advice to kids going through difficult medical challenges
  • Angelica’s most memorial experiences traveling the country raising funds for CMN Hospitals
  • Angelica’s experience singing with Ciara and Cole Swindell 
  • What it means to Angelica to dream big and her big dream!
  • Why Angelica wants to win AGT and what she will do with the money if she wins
  • What Angelica does to calm her nerves before performing. 
  • Who Angelica would like to perform a duet with