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Ep. 79 Isaiah Acosta Conversation

Isaiah Acosta, the world’s first mute rapper, gives advice to other kids who are bullied, shares the challenges of living with his medical condition, and talks about his dreams to write more music. 

Isaiah Acosta is the world’s first mute rapper who uses his platform to create miracles in the world – specifically for kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Born without a jaw and without oxygen for 15 minutes, Isaiah communicates through gestures, facial expressions, and typing on his phone. 

Listen to this episode and learn:  

  • About the miraculous circumstances around Isaiah’s birth and the most difficult part of his medical challenges. 
  • Why Isaiah chose not to undergo a surgery to get a jaw.  
  • How Isaiah has overcome bullying and what advice he has for other kids like him. 
  • What his inspiration was for his first rap song, Oxygen to Fly.  
  • What lessons rapper Trap House, Isaiah’s physical voice, taught him and the legacy he left.  
  • Who Isaiah’s favorite celebrity he has met is and watch a surprise FaceTime chat with that celebrity.  


This episode brought to you by Dairy Queen.

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