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IUDM Raises Highest Total by a Miracle Network Dance Marathon

Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of the first ever Dance Marathon held at Indiana University, inspired by the life of Ryan White, whose battle with AIDS brought worldwide attention to misconceptions about the disease. Join us in thanking all who participated in IUDM, which attracted more than 4,000 student dancers and raised $3,880,025 — a 21% increase over their total from last year (a previous record) — all of which will support the Ryan White Center for Infectious Disease at Riley Hospital for Children.  

Supporters expressed their gratitude to students in this video, which was shared with students in the final hours of the 36-hour Dance Marathon.


Over 25 years, Dance Marathon students have raised at total of more than $106.6 million to help sick and injured kids across North America. Today, students from more than 300 colleges and universities host 18-, 24- and even 36-hour Miracle Network Dance Marathons for children’s hospitals in their communities. Hospitals use the funds where they are needed most, including purchasing medical equipment, funding treatments and providing charitable care.