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Meet 2016-17 Wyo. Champion, Logan


While in utero, 2 pounds of excess fluid surrounded Logan’s body, leading to a one-month hospital stay after birth. His challenges didn’t end there.

At 18 months old, a stroke caused Logan to lose his speech. He regained his speech, but returned to his children’s hospital six years later with a bloody nose and a rash on his arms and legs. Doctors diagnosed him with a low level of platelets — cells that help blood clot.

Logan was housebound at age 14, when his platelets dropped to zero. His body was covered in bruises. Logan’s illness became so severe that he received a blood transfusion following a stay in the pediatric intensive care unit. He was also diagnosed with Evans syndrome, a disorder where his immune system attacks his red and white blood cells.

Following his transfusion, Logan returned home and now visits the hospital for regular checkups. He loves taking care of his heifer and hopes to be a veterinarian or work in agriculture.

How donations helped Logan at Children’s Hospital Colorado:  

Donations to CMN Hospitals helped purchase the equipment needed to perform Logan’s blood transfusions.