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Meet Milly! Our 2016-17 Neb. Champion

ne-milly-ortizWhen Milly gets excited about visiting her friends, she’s not anticipating a trip to the park. The children’s hospital, where she’s been treated since birth, houses the comrades Milly seeks. From doctors to volunteers, staffers have won over this little girl’s heart by making her multiple stays as comfortable as possible.

Milly’s familiarity with her children’s hospital results from receiving treatment for pulmonary hypoplasia and several other conditions. The under-development of her lungs has affected other areas of her body, leading to issues like hearing loss and reflux.

It’s rare for Milly to exhibit fear, but she recently admitted to being afraid of an upcoming procedure. Her surgeon and child life specialists were quick to lend an ear, alleviating her anxiety. It’s this kind of personalized care that heavily influenced her family’s decision to move closer to their hospital to better meet her medical needs.

How donations helped Milly at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center:  

CMN Hospitals donations support the child life services program, which serves the psychosocial, developmental, emotional and educational needs of patients and families. Child life staff members helped Milly understand and cope with her diagnosis.