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How to Support the Give Miracles App

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This Thanksgiving, download the Give Miracles app at to make a donation in support of [Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals/@CMNHospitals]. Giving only takes a touch on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before thanks to [Apple] Pay.

Is your #Thanksgiving dinner a bit awkward? Well, make it more awkward and #askformoney. Get the latest fundraising app from [Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals/@CMNHospitals] and support your local children’s hospital this holiday: Now accepting [Apple] Pay.

Sure, family dinners are awkward. But at least you’re together. Thousands of kids spend the holiday in the hospital. Make this #Thanksgiving more meaningful. Get the Give Miracles App from [Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals] at Now accepting [Apple] Pay.


Make #Thanksgiving dinner with your family more awkward and #AskForMoney. Learn how at #applepay

Thousands of kids spend #Thanksgiving in @CMNHospitals. Make yours more meaningful and get our Give Miracles app at

Make #Thanksgiving dinner more awkward: #AskForMoney. Get @CMNHospitals fundraising app and help children’s hospitals:

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