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Take the Lead: It’s Time to Prioritize Children’s Hospitals

Take the Lead is a blog series from Teri Nestel, president and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In this leadership-focused series, Teri will share her insights and leadership lessons alike.

Happy New Year to all of you! I truly hope we all had time to focus on family and friends during the holidays, albeit another year different from what we’re used to.

The new year brings new goals and aspirations, especially around health and wellness.

We’re embarking on the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Three years of constant questions – three years of disrupted healthcare – three years of trying to cope.

Amid all that instability, pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations have soared to record levels as Omicron spreads across the nation. Our member hospitals have shared first-hand experiences. Our kids’ emergency departments and intensive care units are stretched past their limits with fewer medical staff to provide care – some sick themselves, some from being depleted over the past two years. Those who can still work are constantly asking themselves, “How much more can I give?”

That question right there is why we need to rally behind our local children’s hospitals. They need us – they need you. They need our help and our support, in all its forms.

Together, we can make these long days a little easier, a little brighter.

When each of us does what we can to keep kids safe and spirits unbroken, that’s where greatness happens.

Together, we can change kids’ health and change the future – for all of us.