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Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Children are not just small adults. They have unique needs that only children’s hospitals can meet. 

In fact, children’s hospitals are best positioned to positively impact children’s health and protect their futures.

Our member hospitals treat more than 10 million children each year and take on all types of cases and treatments that general hospitals cannot manage whether due to a lack of specialized expertise, proper equipment, or resources. For example, an adult-sized blood pressure cuff won’t fit premature baby. A full-size oxygen mask doesn’t get the job done for a small child.

Furthermore, the impact of children’s hospitals goes far beyond the brick and mortal walls. When one kid’s health issue is solved at one hospital, it can transform how that issue is handled—for children and adults—across the world, saving more patients and protecting our collective future.

For more than 37 years (and counting), CMN Hospitals has impacted the lives more kids than any other children’s charity in the U.S. We will continue to do all we can to change kids’ health and the future.

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Clockwise, preemie diaper, pediatric oxygen mask, a paper clip and small bead representing the size of a preemie baby’s heart and a child-size phototherapy mask