Rob Clowe, Jr from CDW Shares Personal My Why

Rob Clowe, Jr., Executive Account Manager at CDW sent us a personal My Why story and explained the impact on his family:

I wanted to share a story how the generosity of CDW and its employees personally affects my family. Here is a note and picture from my sister: “Thank you for those who donate their CDW Build A Bears: I just wanted to let you know that you made a little girl’s day. My daughter, Elizabeth, has cystic fibrosis. In December we were at Lurie for one of her many all-day appointments full of poking and prodding. As usual, on our way out she was exhausted and upset. As we came off the elevator, this woman stopped us to ask if we would like a CDW Lion. It turned her whole day around! I don’t know if you realize the meaning behind such a kind act. She has to go for these kind of appointments about every six weeks and she is becoming more and more aware of what is happening. Trying to keep those visits to Lurie a positive experience is so important and that day you did that for her. I can’t thank you enough for your small act of kindness that meant the world to us.”

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