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CMN Hospitals Point-of-Sale Consumer Sentiment Research Study

CMN Hospitals, a leader of point-of-sale fundraising in the non-profit industry, conducted its own study to gain insights into consumer sentiments regarding donating at point-of-sale to help drive future fundraising strategies and decisions.  

 Click below to download the study infographic of insights. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Customers most often prefer giving at the pin-pad, especially by rounding up their total to the nearest dollar.
  • The majority of customers have positive to neutral feelings about this customary ask to give and feel that it does not add significant time to their checkout process.
  • Customers want to know how their funds will be used to make an impact in their local community.
  • The average customer wants to give at point-of-sale because they know it is the right thing to do. These customers especially want to give to charities they recognize

Conducted in mid-2022, the study included more than 4,000 respondents who responded to an anonymous, non-branded survey through an online survey platform.  Due to the high respondent count, results were age and gender balanced to match the US Census distribution and have a 95% confidence level with a 1.5% margin of error.

For questions about the study, contact Sarah Waters, Vice President, Strategy, Insights & Ideation at