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Ep. 39 Teddy Moore Conversation

Teddy Moore talks about his diagnosis of hydrocephalus, living with pain and staying positive each day.


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Teddy Moore is a Children’s Miracle Network Champion who, from the earliest stages of his life, has suffered from brain hemorrhages and seizures caused by hydrocephalus.  Teddy endured 21 brain surgeries in 24 months, totaling 35 in his just 10 years of life.


Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Teddy’s take on what it means to be a CMNH champion
  • What it’s like for Teddy to live every day with hydrocephalus
  • How Teddy feels about his second home, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
  • Teddy’s advice for how to deal with physical pain
  • Teddy’s words of wisdom for life