Meet IHOP National Pancake Day Culinary Kid Starla!

Partnering with IHOP, CMN Hospitals put out a call to current and former CMN Hospitals patients to dream up their best pancake creation for the chance to join the inaugural IHOP Kid Culinary Team and cook their recipe in the brand’s test kitchen and then be the ambassador for National Pancake Day. Meet Culinary Kid Starla:

Starla was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and the chemo treatments severely damaged her heart; in fact she once died and was brought back to life. She chose to create and oatmeal raisin cookie pancake with cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream in honor of her grandma and the days spent baking cookies together. Today, Starla and her brother love posting YouTube videos of themselves.

Comments for Meet IHOP National Pancake Day Culinary Kid Starla!

  1. Starla is so precious and what a great pancake idea.
    Love IHOP, love pancakes. National Pancake Day, I’ll be there.

  2. Thank God for the children’s help organizations, and miracles. This is a wonderful opportunity to support our precious children. Congratulations to Starla for her pancake recipe that looks so scrumptious. You are truly an inspiration to others.

  3. Starla,just to let you know you are not alone.I too had Accute Mylogenis Leukemia.Adults can get it too.Ive been in remission for 5 years now.You can beat it too.I too cooked alot when ever I wasnt sick from the chemo.Its a great way to not think about being sick.Hope to see you in the future on some big cooking show!

  4. Starla you are definitely a inspiration to many!!…my daughter Solana who’s 7 says she loves you and keep faith in all u do..we watched your video together….Blessings n Huggsssss

  5. God bless Starla always! She is inspirational and brave. May she continue to recover and always come up with great and nutritional recipes. In Jesus name.

  6. Starla you are an angel. God has a purpose for your life. I pray that the Lord will continue to shower you with BLESSINGS UNSPEAKABLE. I’m so proud of you.

  7. Starla it was such an inspiration watching your video this morning. I love what you are doing with those pancakes. You are very creative and also you are a very smart, intelligent and motivated girl!! May God heal your body totally because He has great things in store for you. Keep your Faith strong in God and He will take care of you! You are a miracle child! Blessings upon your life!

  8. Hi Starla, I came across this article, and I decided to read your story!! Wow, you are AMAZING!!☺. You, as well as all the other CMN kids, have so much courage and the love of your family, friends, and even strangers, rallying behind you and beside you!! You all have come from a long, hard way, but you are strong!! ☺❤

  9. Starla, you are such an inspiration to all. May God continue to bless you with such a giving spirit and the courage to continue to be a blessing to your family and everyone that comes into your life. You ROCK!!!!

  10. You Rock Starla! The BMB Rockets MC are very proud of you. Those Starla Stacks are delicious!!! : )

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