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Meet IHOP Kid Chef Coleman!

Coleman Giles is a thoughtful and caring 15-year-old who loves skateboarding, playing with his dog and doing anything related to computers. He was six-weeks-old when he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). His heart lasted until he was seven. While waiting for his new heart, Coleman went into cardiac arrest and had to rely on the Berlin Heart, an artificial heart pump, until his transplant arrived. Coleman got his new heart and never looked back. Today, he volunteers at CHLA, feeds and helps the homeless, and is working to become an Eagle Scout.

Coleman’s pancake creation is The Hawaiian Luau pancakes that his grandfather helped him create.


Coleman remembers, “One day I collapsed and my parents had to call 911. I remember getting wheeled into the ambulance. I asked the nurse what was wrong with me. She wouldn’t say. I heard the doctor tell my parents I needed a heart transplant. I asked the doctor what that meant. Would it hurt? How many stitches? My heart only last a few more weeks then I went into cardiac arrest and they had to jump start me before I came back to life. My heart was worn out. I received the new heart and haven’t looked back.”

You can help kids like Coleman by donating at IHOP now through March 12, 2019. Also, don’t forget to get a FREE short stack of pancakes on #FreePancakeDay and donate on March 12, 2019.