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Meet IHOP Kid Chef Nellie!

Nellie Mainor is a sassy, sweet eight-year-old with seven older siblings and a love for singing, particularly with her family. Nellie was diagnosed with Dense Deposit Disease, a rare kidney disease that stops the kidneys from correctly filtering waste from the blood. Because of this disease, Nellie is in chronic kidney failure. Nellie went to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City three days a week for dialysis, and every other week for an infusion for a blood disorder related to her disease. Nellie recently had a procedure that allows her to do dialysis from home, ten hours every night.

Nellie’s PaNellie Unicorn Cakes pancake creation is based on her love of rainbows and unicorns.

You can help kids like Nellie by donating at IHOP now through March 12, 2019. Also, don’t forget to get a FREE short stack of pancakes on #FreePancakeDay and donate on March 12, 2019.