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Ep. 29 Austin Mahone Conversation

Austin Mahone talks on the miracles that led to his success, what it was like opening for Taylor Swift on tour and advice on how to get a video to go viral.


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Austin Mahone is a singer, songwriter and multiple award winner including the Teen Choice Awards, Young Hollywood Awards, Radio Disney Awards, MTV Awards, and iHeartRadio Awards.



Listen to this episode and learn:

  • The miracle that helped Austin become the singer he is now
  • Austin’s advice on getting a video to go viral
  • Austin’s experience meeting Taylor Swift at a coffee shop
  • Austin’s favorite song he has ever recorded
  • What it was like being raised by a single mother after Austin’s dad passed away
  • How Austin gets inspiration for songwriting in the bathroom
  • What Austin is working on next
  • Why Austin is supporting kids like Jordin who bravely fights sickle cell disease