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Your CMN Hospitals Innovation Team

What is the Innovation Team anyway??

Some of you may know that we have an Innovation Team at CMN Hospitals, but if you don’t, we’ve got you covered. Our Innovation team works closely with Market Research to review new ideas that have passed through our screening process. From there, this team designs and executes quick tests. When great ideas pass that round, Innovation designs a full-scale test. It’s the Innovation Team’s job to make sure new programs are successful before we put the full force of the organization behind them.

Here is a quick introduction to the team responsible for generating, collecting, reviewing and testing new fundraising ideas.

Sr. Manager
Hadia Aziz
Hadia’s role: Hadia’s days currently revolve around a new test called Superhero U and managing our team’s Intern—Natalie.

Megan Hillier-Geisler
Megan’s role: For Megan, it’s different every day, but she’s always moving toward a new idea’s generation or test. Currently—she’s managing the test of My Miracle Birthday.

Sr. Director
Tanya Keyser
Tanya’s role: As part of Innovation, she develops ideas into test. That can mean researching, creating, writing. It’s different most days. She also has a background in project management in IT so she’s the team’s ringer when it comes to document management and IT.

Vice President
Jeromy Adams
Jeromy’s role: Jeromy solves the problems that prevent people from supporting local kids.

We love supporting new ideas and creativity geared toward raising funds and awareness for all of our local hospitals.